Update on Medicaid 2-Tier Billing

States received so far…

Thank you to those agencies who have already sent in their Medicaid state-specific documentation for the new 2-tier Hospice Wage/SIA billing. So far, Solutions has received Medicaid specification/guideline documentation for the following states:

If you do not see the state(s) listed here for your state-specific Medicaid documentation requirements, please provide it to Solutions as soon as possible.  The simplest way to send this information is to attach it to an email and send it to

After the Tradeshow – NHPCO

Suncoast Solutions sends its sincere gratitude to all those who participated in making this year’s NHPCO Leadership Conference such a great success. In addition, we would like to extend our thanks to those clients who stopped by to say how much they love our software, and to express their appreciation for consistently keeping them regulatory compliant.

It also came to our attention that some of our clients shared their appreciation for the Solutions products when asked for a recommendation by several “not-yet-client-attendees” who were looking for a quality Electronic Health Record system . This word-of-mouth praise offered us many opportunities to show off a preview of the upcoming release of our platform-agnostic product: Solutions Version 9.

It is this partnership with our loyal clients that enables us to continue to provide them with the Power to Care.


Thank you all for your ongoing support!

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“Between CR 8358, ICD-10, and HIS – our hospice families are blessed to know that we have such competent, kind, and honorable friends at Suncoast that will support us throughout these changes. IT, Training, and Support have all been so encouraging during this time to us.”
Diana Walker, CEO – Rose of Texas Hospice, The Woodlands, TX

“Suncoast Solutions is more than an industry leader in hospice / home health software. They are a resource of best practices for regulatory compliance and financial integrity.”
Randy Sarske, Information Services Manager – Hope Hospice, San Antonio, TX

“I don’t know where we’d be without Suncoast Solutions – its training and support is superior to any I’ve experienced before. We love the product, especially the reports, and we utilize them for operations management every day.”
Christie Franklin, President/CEO – Bristol Hospice, Multiple Locations

“The Suncoast software has allowed us to manage the evolving regulatory changes occurring in the hospice industry. Suncoast has also provided us the structure needed for many areas of growth throughout our organization. A truly unique aspect of the company is the level of commitment they bring to our organization’s specific needs and feedback. From support to training to future development, Suncoast offers a complete package that I would highly recommend!”
Michael Link, Director of IT-Applications & Solutions – Hospice & Community Care, Lancaster, PA